I paid for package with guaranteed 2 day delivery…Berkeley Ca_ 11/7/18via Hurleyville NY PO to destination SYDA SouthFallsburg, NY. Tracking, arrived at Hurleyville, out for delivery 9:30 amFriday; USPS picked up Hurleyville, NY11:07 @11:07am;
how long is a fedex tracking number

Departed PO Hurleyville, @4:00 pm….((Mystery: next 7&1/2 hrs truck went somewhere no one knows? – next entry states-11/9/18 at 11:30 pm: Alert in red ink! “The delivery status of your item has not been updated as of November 9, , 2018 11:30 pm”

We apologize it may arrive later than expected” ! Sat 11/10 -6:55am, (because valuable items insured, & paid for insurance increase and signature ) went on line and called USPS, they only had “Alert” in red ink..expected by 8pm?. Away all day, checked after 9pm and same message as before. Signed up for Invormed delivery by text and for next 4 days have paid any data charges probably 9 times to get same message…or call USPS, which doesn’t ever have agent available…on auto pro,pls back to resubmittting track Number. Repeated several times needed agent.

..This morning and afternoon waited for agent…last said over 1 hour…I waited patiently with paying data charges for 1 hour 36 min. …no one came. Tried Hurleyville PO this morn and afternoon at least 10 times…and only Message is beeping tone and green saying line busy! As all mail, this is important. And because of special value including written documents as well as value based items, I paid for extra insurance and signature Equal importance, is the poor service of not sending updates to let us know current status…is it out for redelivery, scanned now and delivered.

..or …what it means with “Alert! Delivery exception, your packGe may arrive later than expected?” It is 5 days now. Thanks for your attention to this and reply asap to above email. Expected “ Alert” ( in red ink) followed with

Parcel Monitor user from United States
a day ago
Package has been stuck in try and since October 30th I’ve got no updates whatsoever after that date. I have no idea why it’s there no one will tell me I’ve contacted everyone I can think of and nobody’s letting me know anything about what’s going on. I want my package I don’t know why it’s not here yet. no one’s even attempted to get back to me and give me any kind of response whatsoever. NO COMMUNICATION WHATSOEVER!!!

how it is possible ups delivery on sunday

Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom
a day ago
Delivery was as per your emails, but item was not what was ordered, but that was not the postal service rather the sender sent wrong item. Regards Tony

Parcel Monitor user from United Kingdom
a day ago
Either tried to deliver to the wrong address and nobody was in or just lied. As my security cameras didn’t show any dhl delivery attempt at all

Parcel Monitor user from South Africa
a day ago
i am so unhappy with your service. I will definitely not be ordering from you again. i have been waiting for my parcel for over 3 months


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